In order to right size a declining cereal category, Lucky Charms sought to bring hyper-relevant entertainment back to the breakfast table by looking inside the box/bowl and letting the charms align, combining Gen Z and Millennials nostalgia for cereal and their new love for astrology. As a result, Lucky Charms created a first-of-its-kind fortune telling experience that reads the marshmallow charm patterns to provide users with a custom reading during their breakfast routine. All month, shoppers could watch and interact with a live social stream where followers could tune into Instagram and TikTok every Friday for a personal reading from our astrological influencers and Charmologists Aliza Kelly and Stina Garbis. We also encouraged guests to get their own readings on Lucky’s Charmology also came to life in Brand pages, Banner Ads, On-Site/ Offsite media and Target’s own social channels. Shoppers who discovered their daily fortune with our activation were also offered 20% ON Lucky Charms cereals via Target Circle. And to wrap it up, results for this program were stellar – beating KPI’s in several categories. We not only turned the tide on the category decline but also delivered millions of impressions and above-average engagement rates.
The Drum Award 2023 - Digital Industries: Food and Drink
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