Our target was society in general: old generations who has witnessed the civil war and young generations who were about to repeat the same mistakes done but their parents. We reached them by making Inklusion be owned by LBCI and aired at prime time in their main program, during the independence day.

The idea is to cover the old militia tattoos with new ones to help the veterans get closure, move on, and inspire the young ones to unite together for a united Lebanon. The war ended more than 25 years ago and they should be able to move on through body, mind and soul. The design of our symbol was done in collaboration with tattoo artists and we used it to cover the old militia tattoos but also, in order to take our message further, to cover old hate messages on the walls of Beirut. To do that we made a stencil with our symbol. The message was also spread by the audience on social media channels through the night and even tattoo artists contacted the show to offer their services.
Silver Dubai Lynxs 2017​​​​​​​
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